Tennessee Guardianships and Conservatorships Explained

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An injury, an illness or a disability can prevent someone from making informed decisions. In Tennessee, a guardian can make health care decisions or living arrangements for that person (called a ward), while a conservator can make financial decisions. If you want to be a loved one's guardian or conservator, talk to a guardianship or conservatorship lawyer in Knoxville, TN.

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You need an advocate in your dispute

Before taking legal action, you need to seek out a knowledgeable attorney. Retain a conservatorship lawyer if…

  • You want the court to appoint you as your loved one’s conservator.
  • You’re concerned that a conservator is mismanaging your loved one’s finances.
  • You and another party can’t agree on who should handle your loved one’s finances.

If your dispute doesn’t involve your loved one’s finances, you should turn to a guardianship lawyer.

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